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Realistic Card Renders

Access true-to-life awesome card renders so clean you can zoom in without quality loss. Most of the renders nails the IRL card appearance!

Added more crew card layouts to the render.

Search for anything

All you want is available through accurate search filters. Easy setup and clean result lists for (almost) everything.

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Fleet Builder

Create and share your awesome fleets for your next play! Save ships, populate them with crew and add treasures for later.

Create your own fleets Browse fleets

Custom Expansion

Save your custom expansions supporting existing features linked to them. Ships and crew are currently available.

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Find the keywords you are searching for and see what ships have them. Easy and fast, you can even search by ability.

PSM Discord Server

Meet other players in the same shared place! This is also where the PSMList-helper bot happily lives.


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Downloadable Files

Most of the data and images the team gathered/cleaned/created can be downloaded for your own use from the download menu.

Export Rendered Cards

You can download the cards generated by PSMList, it also works with custom expansions too!


Islands complete with their images are now available.

Early access supporters can create their own custom islands right now!

Extra Data

Everything has extra information attached, like more information or various categories to either improve filters, or provide better sorting.

Blog, articles and news

Various information, dev-logs and documentation articles can be found in the blog. More to come.

UDC and SimCost Viewer

Test how much your custom ship may cost according to UDC and/or SimCost, helps to assess point costs quickly for your shiny new ships.

More Projects

Other dev teams are using this database as a source of information bringing always more content to the community. Bots, Tabletop Simulator and more.