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This page contains all the packages that are ready to be downloaded.

Every package is a .ZIP file filled with the contents described in each section.

The links to the files are always the same, they will always lead to up-to-date files even when the contents are updated.

Size: 5.0 Mb
Updated: 08/02/2024
  • All official and non-official flags saved on PSMList.
  • Each flag has two variants for each card template (waving and flat).
  • 16 factions supported.
  • Each faction has 3 sizes; small, normal and big.
  • Some extra files useful for custom flag creation such as poles, shadows, templates with layers.

Changes history:

  • 07/08/2023 - Initial upload
  • 08/02/2024 - Replaced all versions of the viking flag with a better recreation made by "FoxTrot"
Size: 216 Kb
Updated: 29/11/2023
  • All fonts used on the cards.
  • Windlass (accented)
  • Buccaneer (accented)
  • Impact (accented)
  • Minister
  • Kopubbatang
  • Grange
  • A link to a detailed Google sheets document describing where they are used.

Card backgrounds

Size: 77.4 Mb
Updated: 29/11/2023
  • All backgrounds manually recreated from official artworks.


Size: -
Updated: -/-/-
This archive is not available yet.
  • All official island images.
  • Heads and Tails are separate.
  • Folders: XL images, icons
  • Some extra images useful for custom island creation.

Pirate Code

Size: 770 Kb
Updated: 12/2016
  • Various detailed rules about the game.