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RV039 Firepot Specialist

Realistic render of this crew is coming in a future update.

Raw data

Set : RV - Pirates of the Revolution (Details)
Author : user.png Wizkids
ID : 039
Rarity : Generic
Points : 2
Faction : England
Name : Firepot Specialist
Ability :
Once per turn when this ship is given a shoot action, one of her cannons may shoot a firepot at a target within S of her. Declare which cannon will shoot the firepot before rolling the d6. If it hits, the ship's controller replaces one of her masts with a fire mast. At the beginning of every turn, roll a d6 for each fire mast. On a 6 remove the fire mast; on a 1-3 the ship's controller replaces another of her masts with a fire mast. When a ship has only fire masts, she must be scuttled on her next turn. When a ship docks at her home island or at a fort, remove all fire masts as a free action.
Flavor Text :
Link : -
Released : Yes
Collect. : Yes
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