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Keyword : Longship


Name : Longship
Cost : 3
Category : Mobility / Affects the capability of a ship to get around.
Target : Ally / Affects game pieces from the same team.
Author : user.png Wizkids


When you give this ship a shoot action, roll two dice per mast and count each die as a separate attack (this ship has two cannons on each mast). This ship cannot pin or be pinned. If this ship rams, it gets +1 to her boarding roll. When given a move action, this ship can rotate on her stern (the rear of the ship) in any direction as an additional, final movement segment. This ship may be given move actions when it has no masts; its printed base move becomes S.

Rules Addendum

- If a cannon has several ships in range, it may shoot at two different targets instead of shooting both shots at the same target.