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Keyword : Flotilla

Name : Flotilla
Cost : 2
Effect : A game piece with this keyword is a floating gun platform; treat it like a ship, with the following exceptions: A flotilla has a printed movement of T, meaning that it can only move when towed by a ship of its own nationality in its fleet. A ship may begin towing a flotilla by touching any part of it. When towing a flotilla a ship uses its full printed base move, but any abilities of it or its crew that affect its base move are ignored. A ship may stop towing a flotilla at any time, where it remains until towed again or sunk. A flotilla has no masts. Instead it has a flag which can be eliminated only if the flotilla is hit twice during a single shoot action; when it has no flag, any hit will sink it. If the flag has been eliminated, the flotilla may be given a repair action (even if it's at sea) to replace it. A flotilla may be given shoot actions even if it has no flag (it is never derelict); it shoots from the dice printed on its base. A flotilla cannot be rammed or boarded, cannot be given move actions, and cannot explore.
Category : Firepower
Target : Self